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Young Economist Appointed As Director of Investment Intelligence at Kaduna Investment Promotion Agency

He owes big gratitude to lecturers at Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU), Faculty of Business and Economics, for his help in his career path.
Khalil Nur Khalil is an economic guru from Kaduna state. His achievements at quite a young age have left his name on the lips of both mighty and great men in Kaduna state.

Kahlil Nur Khalil’s CGPA of 3.98/4.00 made him the best graduating student of the Economics department in 2017.
The brilliant young man scaled through his four-year course with just a single B grade which was in the Turkish language. His result was well decorated with his hard work and well-deserved A’s.

In March 2021, Khalil Nur Khalil ,28, was appointed as the Director, Investment Intelligence. He was previously Ag. Head, Investor Relations & TA to ES, KADIPA.

His new role as director of the Investment Intelligence Unit is charged with the responsibility of attracting investment strategies for Kaduna State, and also conducts economic research, collects investment data and analytics.

A young man of integrity is an applaudable way to describe Khalil Nur Khalil, who believes that with or without the watch of any, one should be at his best. Here’s Khalil tweet on the definition of virtue on,” Soft reminder: virtue is what you do when NOBODY is looking. Virtue is not something you advertise”.

Khalil sees representation in the public sector as a way of building our dear nation. He said, “My issue with my generation is that we’ll shout here (social media) but when it’s time for action for political participation & joining the political process, guys will be dodging the stress of engaging with actual Nigerians.

Nation-building is hard work.”

“All politics is local.”

His appointment as the new director revealed the love Nigerians have for him as people from all works of life kept congratulating him.

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