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An Inspiring Story of Perseverance: Nigerian Aircraft Cleaner Rose to an Aviation Captain After 24years

If you are determined with eyes fixed on a goal, you can crush it. Basically, you can achieve anything your mind can conceive. Nigerian man, Mohammad Abubakar has told an inspiring of resilience, faith, courage, and doggedness with his life.

Abubakar started out as a college graduate seeking admission into a higher institution of learning. After a failed attempt at enrolling in Kaduna State Polytechnic, Abubakar became discouraged, then resolved to take an open job vacancy as an airplane cleaner with Kobo Air. A decision that looked unwise to people. On resuming the job, he would be paid 0.5cents dollars per day, a wage that was incredibly low, which was another turnoff but Abubakar was not bothered. He started the job, regardless.

As he carried out his duties, he fell in love with aviation and decided to pursue a career in it. He was later promoted from a cleaner to ground staff and then, to a cabin crew. He later left Kobo Air for Aero Contractors, another aviation company, after he has had a series of hierarchy promotions. Resuming as a flight attendant at Aero Contractors and contributing his quota of experience to adding value to the company, he discovered his quest to become more.

He still left Aero Contractors for Azman Air after a while. Thankfully, he had an understanding managing director, this time, who saw his foresight and encouraged him. With the help of his Managing Director, Abubakar diligently saved some money from his wages and enrolled in a training program in Canada where he secured his private pilot’s license and later his commercial pilot’s license. This was the beginning of his journey as a pilot.

While at his jobs, he displayed so much skillfulness that made him sought-after. All thanks to his years of diverse experiences from his long and successful career in different stages of the aviation industry. Four years ago, Azman Air took to their Twitter account to showcase Abubakar receiving a new bar signaling a promotion. In the pictures accompanied with a caption, they wrote:

He Joined the Aviation industry 24years ago as Aircraft Cleaner. Today He is getting the Fourth Bar to becoming a CAPTAIN. Congratulations Mohammed Abubakar from all of us @AirAzman#FlySafeFlyAzman

— AzmanAir – #LetsFlyAzmanAir (@AzmanAir) July 30, 2018

We are proud to feature, showcase and of course, celebrate our own. Statistics showed that Black people are underrepresented in the aviation industry, with only 2 percent of over 600,000 pilots identifying as African American in a 2013 FAA survey. Abukabar’s story gives us hope that the trend is changing.

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