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Nigerian Woman Emerge as the First African Woman to Receive the UN Global Leadership Award


Fertile Ground is the perfect description for our motherland Nigeria because our seeds are planted and our fruits are recognized globally.

Here is Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche who planted beautifully in writing and has now emerged as a global figure. Chimamanda is the author of serval books. The spectacular fact about her work is that she was able to use storytelling to connect with people across generations and cultures on issues of gender and racial equality and being a leader on the frontlines of global progress.

The woman right advocate; Chimamanda is not just the first African woman to receive the UN award but also the first Nigerian to be awarded by the United Nations.

The award winner felt excited about the award

 She said, “The thing about been recognized is not the reason one does what he does; it’s always wonderful to get validation because it means that, someone is saying that, you do matters and it’s wonderful”

The UN Deputy Secretary-General; Amina Mohammed was and proud to be a Nigerian knowing fully well that the award winner is a Nigerian. She also commends the fact that her words are deep and she is totally totally amazing.


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