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15-Year-Old Wins 7 Mathematical Medals in Different Competitions Across the World

Fatima Adamu Maikusa has become an exceptional model for many young girls after she started displaying her mathematical strength at age 9. Generally, mathematics is one subject hated by many students. To see a young girl getting different awards of excellence for her outstanding performances in this subject calls for probing. Fatima hails from Gombe State, Nigeria and is currently an SS3 Student at the Nigerian Tulip International School (NTIC), Kano State, Nigeria.

In an interview with Daily Trust Saturday, she revealed how she was able to win seven mathematics competitions in different competitions across the world which include: American Mathematics Competition (AMC 08); International Eduversal Mathematics Competition, Jakarta, Indonesia; International Math Challenge, Bangkok, Thailand; Kangourou Sans Frontiers Mathematics Competitions; Future Intelligence Students Olympiad (FISO); Mathematics Without Borders, Bulgaria and Komodo Math Festival, Indonesia.

Walking down memory lane, she said she has loved mathematics since her primary school days as it is one of the easiest subjects she enjoys doing despite this same subject being the majority of young people’s worst nightmare.

Furthering to know how she mastered the subject, she said the understanding came naturally and is not tied to things like having extra tutors at home. She also added that, since she loved the subject, she practised it. Another thing she could connect her success to is her participation in the olympiad informatics camp during her junior and senior classes.

Expressing what it felt like being a seven-time mathematical award winner, she said she is elated especially because she envisioned it but sometimes, the reality doesn’t always look like it and it’s exciting to see herself come out victorious on seven occasions.

Talking about her role models and inspirations, she highlighted that her parents, teachers and stories of successful people have largely influenced her positively. As a secondary school leaver, she said her future aspiration is to be a computer programmer at Havard University, someday. Her drive is a strong desire to break records whilst contributing to making inventions and solving problems, especially those related to the depletion of the ozone layer, global warming and other issues that can help ease the problems of humans. For her admission process into Havard, she said, the process has started and she has her parents’ full commitment to make her dream come true.

Congratulations to the foresighted 15-year-old Fatima. Nigeria is proud of her.

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