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Grange School Lagos Crowned 2020 Overall Champion at World School Games in Dubai

The World School Games series of event is an event that provides a unique platform for young athletes to compete with and against each other in a healthy environment using world-class sporting facilities.

Asides this, this event also bring people together to foster unity in diversity, celebrate talents, break fundamental ethnic differences, backgrounds and educational systems in various countries.

In addition, the sporting activities were in no way a diversion from Academic programs but an extension. The information has it that students who participated in sports tend to have better performances, higher grades and lesser problems in their school work. Therefore, it can be said to be a way of boosting their morale and lighting up the brain.

This year, The World School Games held in batches. The first batch was called U-11, which means it was meant for students under age 11 and it ran through 30th Jan. – 2nd Feb. The second batch called U-13, meant for students under age 13 also ran through 27th Feb. – 29th Feb.

During this period, students all over the world that are participating in the games will be competing in sports such as athletics, swimming, golf, tennis, football, basketball and several other activities will come together and compete with and against each other for an overall best performance/winner to emerge.

Grange School, Lagos appearance at this year’s event for the U-13 category would make their first-ever at the World School Games. On arrival, the wore very confident countenance and displayed a contagious enthusiasm which inspired so much hope. All of which was borne out of many months of rigorous practice and skill mastery.

Earlier on, The Grange School’s Director of Activities, Mr Okechukwu Obi, had helped the students leverage on their school’s well-equipped sports facilities and also created a schedule that afforded the team members opportunity to combine academic activities and sporting activities effectively.

The event had barely kicked off when Grange School began breaking records: They won a gold and silver medal in the triple jump event, a gold medal in long jump event, a bronze medal in boy’s relay, a silver medal in both mixed relay and girls’ relay and then a bronze in the girls’ shot put event. These granted them an overall win in the athletics category.

Again, they got a silver and gold medal in the swimming(breaststroke) category, a silver medal in the swimming (freestyle) category, a bronze medal in the swimming (backstroke) category and a gold medal in swimming (medley relay boys) category. These also granted them an overall win-win in swimming.

Grange School came second best in football.

With a combination of all of these awesome and mindblowing performances on a first trial, Grange School, Lagos U-13 team emerged the newest face of the World Champion. They brought back home the trophy as the FIRST CHAMPION at the World School Games, 2020 making their school and their country (Nigeria) very proud.

This singular victory has brought a beacon of hope to many schools who wouldn’t make a move until they have gathered enough experience in the trial room to enter the hall of fame. We are super proud of the great feat and hope that this opens doors to more and MORE.

In an interview with the team participants, they were seen to display so much interest in stepping up their games by getting trained to be much better, representing their country and bringing home many more trophies in their name, the country’s in times to come.


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