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Dr Samson Arigbamu Invents an Infected Lungs Detector Device

Having worked for 22 years in the medical field, the struggles in locating adventitious lungs by Nurses and physicians was what lead to the birth of Dr Arigbamu’s invention.
They make use of chest x-rays, EKGs and other cardiac interrogative tests to identify adventitious lungs and heart sound. With these expensive tests, he discovered that identifying adventitious sounds and providing immediate and accurate feedback was no for this test. And most times cause health issues for the patient and waste of resources.

In 2018, he began the process in the search for a better option. The search birth a digital stethoscope which is capable of discovering an infected lung, that makes COVID-19 detectable by this device. The digital stethoscope also has the capacity to identify heart sounds and interpret sound to its users. Integrating data into the electronic medical record is also one of the abilities of the stethoscope. With Dr Arigbamu’s invention, physical assessment can be enhanced by health care providers and novice. A patient will no longer suffer health decline and would be attended to, without waste of time due to his invention.

The U.S government gave patent for the use of Dr Arigbamu digital stethoscope on the 2nd June 2020. He said the device is currently in the prototype phase of production in U.S.A and Ukraine. He added that support from individuals, organization and even government with fast track the project.
He added that the use of this stethoscope will be a pride to Nigeria, as her citizen is able to innovate a device worth US patent.

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