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Nigerian Man Builds ‘Aeroplane’ car that Runs on Solar, Drives it to Akure, People Gather in Video

A gifted Nigerian man built a fast-moving “aeroplane” car that uses both solar and petrol.
According to him, his aeroplane car is fast and it can run 120km/hr.

A video posted on social media, shows the man taking the car for a ride from Abuja to Akure but making a stop in Ondo after facing some issues.

The residents of the community in Ondo State were surprised by the weird-looking car in the area and came together to watch the “aeroplane” car.

Kehinde Durojaiye a Nigerian man created the wired car and was being driven from Abuja to Akure before it faced some problems and stopped at Itaogbolu road in Ondo.

The whip is said to be very fast and the man who shared the video from the scene was intrigued by the invention.

“It is very fast”, said the impressed recorder of the video, and he also said in confidence that he is convinced that the man would create even better inventions if he can get support from the government.

After repairing the car, the inventor revved the engine back to life and continued his journey to Akure and was cheered on by the residents of the Ondo community.

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