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A Lady Opens Shop for a Mother of Three

A kind-hearted Nigerian lady identified as Lynda Iroegbu shared how she came in contact with a  stranger, Lynda said that the stranger she met with is a mother of five children but she lost two of her children because of the challenges she was facing.

The woman had a small business she was running but it was hijacked from her by thugs, to relieve the woman’s struggle, Lynda opened a shop for her.

Lynda said the container and the goods she bought for the woman are solely the woman’s properties, the woman was overjoyed and prayed for Lynda saying “May extreme poverty forever be far from this lady and may God bless her business”.

Lynda said that the act was not a giveaway but was borne out of a genuine desire to help the woman, she also added that it was sponsored by Nze Timothy Akano Foundation [The Group].                                                                       

She also encouraged people to join the foundation so as to touch lives via a Facebook post.  While speaking in an interview, she said she dreamed of giving the woman a gift that will last for life and make her She said that the reaction of the woman to the gift was priceless; “It was such a defining moment for her.I did not want to give her something temporary, my genuine desire was to make a lasting impact in her life by empowering her to start making her own money. which is what a lot of people need”.

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