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Amazing, Nigerian Woman Innovates LED Generating Football

The innovative prowess of Nigerians seems to be on the increase with the massive discoveries lately.
Another Nigerian innovator by the name of Jessica Matthews has kept the world stunned by her electric generating football which she calls “Soccket”.

Football has gone beyond the circled-object kicked for fun to an electric generating tool that can power 6 hours of LED light and all thanks to Jessica Matthews and her classmate, Julia Silverman.

While at Harvard, a task was given to students to solve a social issue with arts and science. And like every other student, Jessica Matthews her classmate Silverman came up with a unique idea of a Football that has the capacity to be charged while it’s been played, and be used for light for a stretch of about 6 hours.

The Soccket ball works with an in-built battery which gets charged by absorbing the kinetic energy of the soccer while it’s been kicked around.

For the commercialization of Soccket, a company called Uncharted Play was created by Jessica Matthews. With Soccket in existence; Africans especially Nigerians can successfully bid farewell to air pollution from generator fumes and the devastating clangor it brings.

In a bid to further production, Jessica Matthews visited Nigerian government officials to discuss modalities of establishing a manufacturing factory in Nigeria.

For her outstanding innovation, Jessica Matthews was appointed by the President of Nigeria as the Ambassador of Entrepreneurship in Nigeria.

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