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21-Year-Old Nigerian Built Sports Car with Waste Materials Despite Having No University Education

Many years ago, at a younger age, Amalu said he dreamt of building a car, a dream that became a reality, years later. According to Amalu, right from when he was little, he played with plastics and made them into toy cars.

As a secondary school student, on his way to school virtually every day, Amalu would stop by dumpsites to pick scrap materials for the car prototype on his mind. People who saw him frequent dumpsites assumed he had a mental disorder as no normal human being would make a dumpsite a second home.

However, naysayers began to be silenced when he built a helicopter prototype in 2013. From that outstanding move, he got the courage to pursue his initial dream of building a car for real. A few months afterward, he built a car, affixing a manual gulf vehicle engine into it. While testing it, for reasons he could not understand, the engine experienced a knock. He couldn’t replace it as there was no support from anywhere and that was the end of what he built then.

Being an innovative, determined and unrelenting young boy, he went ahead to build yet another car but proposed to make it work on an automatic engine owing to previous experience. It was the astounding result of this great innovation that made Amalu become the talk of the town.

After testing and confirming it was working perfectly, Amalu named the car, Gravity X. Explaining why, he said, aside from that it’s working on an automatic engine, it was built in such a way that even in an accident, the cruise will not summersault.

Answering how long the invention took him, he said, he used 10months. He added that he almost gave up to frustration as a result of no support and attempted to halt the invention many times but he pushed harder and the result is nowhere.

According to Amalu, he is currently an SSCE holder and is interested in going to a higher institution, not just to get a certificate for the sake of it, but to gather enough knowledge and understanding of mechanical engineering and its working conditions for relevance in the world.

We are proud to felicitate with Amalu. We hope he gets the support he needs and desires.

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