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Puis Agafie- The Nigerian Who Applied For Over 250 Jobs

The country is bad to only those who believe it is and faults to take action. Under the squashing sun and the cold of raindrops, a relentless Nigerian refused to give up on his quest for a job.

The relentless Nigerian displayed courage by applying for over 300 jobs. In the bulk of 300 applications, he got invitations by 15 companies for interviews and 4 companies sadly denied him employment. The simple reason for his denial was because he wasn’t referred by anybody. He applied through LinkedIn without a referral” That was his offense “.

The good news is despite Pius Agafie turned down applications, Puis Agafie molded up the courage and started working with his hands.

He is now an electrical technician.
He said, “l do conduit wiring, surface wiring, troubleshooting electrical faults, electrical maintenance, CCTV installations.”

His single act of courage despite the major setback ( denial) made him different. He passionately does the work of his hands and encourages Nigerians to do the same because it pays.

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