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Outstanding Nigerian Graduates with Distinction from Regent University, Ghana

The possibility of outstanding performances in education and academics is never limited by race, belief, personality, tribe, country or continent.

Joel Azu reflects a self-motivated, thorough, organised, versatile and ingenious person with a craving for perfection. He is very enthusiastic about working with people and making notable contributions. He is also very open-minded to learning and taking up challenges.

Joel Azu studied at Regent University of Science and Technology, Ghana. He studied Management with Computing. While he was a student, he was dutiful and could perfectly multitask. He was the Majority Leader and Vice President for Regent Ghana Students Parliament. He was also the Director of Affairs, Association of Nigerian Students.

Joel eventually graduated as a first-class student with CGPA of 3.93/4.00 in 2018. He is presently a certified Human Resource Manager in pursuit of his profession and named Associate Human Resources Practitioner.

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