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Cancer-Detecting Bra Innovated by a Nigerian

Nigeria loses about 80000 women to cancer yearly. With this alarming figure, an attempt to put an end or curb deadly cancer will be more than welcome. Idris Dangana is an indigen of Kano state who got really perturbed with the inflating figures of death cancer brings.

Dangana was a teacher who did not find fulfilment in teaching. He wanted to impact his world beyond the four walls of a classroom. He stopped his job and ventured into software development.

The sad news of a woman’s death due to cancer left Dangana’s mind with questions on how to put a stop to cancer. Another reason that triggered Dangana’s research was his sister who was fortunate to have survived cancer.

Along with NGO’S on the fight against cancer and some medical doctors, Dangana was able to set up a BCS can, an innovation of the DiceHub (DIHub), which is behind the cancer-detecting device they are working on.
The came up with a bra which is able to detect cancer at its early stage. It can detect a tumour that is a small 2mm diameter.

The idea behind his innovation was not only to bring a solution to cancer but to make solutions affordable for Nigerians, especially those in the Northern part of the country. He said a single cancer-detective bra can be gotten for N15,000 or N25,000 and women can have cancer tested for 1000 Naria.

He also mentioned the challenge of production at mass due to shortage of materials. “We out-sourced to India and China to get the materials that we will use for manufacturing the cancer-detecting device produced,” he said.

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