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Passion Turned Profit: Hyper-realistic Artist Creates Captivating Images with Razor Blade and Fire

If a book was to be written about Alex Peter Idoko it will have been titled “The Marvel of an Artist And His tools” simply because he has left the world amazed at his creative designs made with the prowess of his small tools.

Peter Idoko is an award-winning hyper-realistic who has been passionate about painting since his high school days. His breath-taking frames are as captivating as a single red rose in a green garden ignored only by a blind man. The tale of African history behind his portrait gets viewers more attached to his works.

The self-taught pyrography artist uses a razor blade, charcoal fire and sandpaper to draw on wood. The images are as authentic as any other would, better than reality. It reveals details as small as skin pores and water touch.

“Working on wood makes me collaborate creatively with nature and a sense of connection with life in all wonderful diversity, which adds meaning to my art,” Peter Idoko said.

The uniqueness of Idoko’s painting is that every image has a story to tell. In his words, Idoko mentioned that his artwork is to created to give a voice to those who lack the power to speak in the public domain about sensitive issues that affect humanity.

The portrait of Peter Idoko has been found hanging on the wall of the foreign reception hall as well as several Nigerian walls which leave him with evergreen and flourishing account.

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