Nigeria's Adijat Adenike Olarinoye Has Won Nigeria’s 1st Gold Medal at the Commonwealth Games 2022, Women's Weightlifting Category - Good Nigeria : Good Nigeria News!

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Nigeria’s Adijat Adenike Olarinoye Has Won Nigeria’s 1st Gold Medal at the Commonwealth Games 2022, Women’s Weightlifting Category

Following how Tobi Amusan broke two world records in one day and her name hasn’t left the mouth of everyone, other Nigerian women in the sports and fitness sector have been showing off that energy. It became like Tobi Amusan’s win was all the push they all had been waiting for to give their dreams the best shot and come to the spotlight.

Adijat Adenike Olarinoye is a Nigerian weightlifter who has been doing well before now. She has won several silver and gold medals in different categories of events like the Women’s 55kg weightlifting at the 2021 World Weightlifting Championships Event held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and the Women’s 55kg Weightlifting at the 2019 African Games which was also her maiden African Games appearance.

However, the one that broke the scale was at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, UK, Adijat won the gold medal with 2 new Games Records: 92kg in snatch and 203 kg overall. This implies that after lifting a combined total of 203kg weight, Adijat made a record-breaking headline as the woman to win the Women’s 55kg Weightlift at the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

It was noted that Adijat came under pressure but she survived to clinch gold. It’s safe to say, first, it was Silver; now, it is Gold. We celebrate tenacity and resilience.

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