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Meet the Talented Nigerian Barber that Carves any Kind of Haircut Design with a Person’s Hair

Adeyinka Taufeeq Temitope is a 20-year old young promising and enterprising boy from Ogbomosho, Oyo state. He is currently a 100level student of Fine Arts in one of Nigeria’s universities.

At the moment, he is a professional home service barber. He shared the story and process of how he became in an interview with BBC Pidgin.

Adeyinka was formerly an apprentice under a Boss, learning barbing. While under his Boss, he never had the privilege of handling a clipper because his Boss feared imperfection which might lead to customer dissatisfaction and other things that come with it.

This persisted for longer than he could bear and so he went ahead to buy his own clipper for practice. Since practice, they say, makes perfect. He takes his clipper to school and uses his classmates’ and hostel mate’s hair for practice.

As he did this often, he took one step to perfection daily. Today, the skill has made a name for him.

When asked why he chose to learn a skill, he said, he started learning as a vocation to support himself and his education as his parents weren’t wealthy.

Apparently, Adeyinka had left his Boss’ shop to start up. Interestingly, he said he learned badass haircut styles in form of designs from streaming videos on the popular YouTube channel.

Adeyinka doesn’t have a shop presently and only limited to home service but while sharing his long-term goal with BBC pidgin, he said, he’s planning to own a mobile barbershop, a bus to convey him from one state to another for maximum efficiency.

This is quite impressive and highly commendable.

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