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Kind Nigerian Sees Blind Man Hawking Liquid Soap, Gifts Him Huge Cash.

A kind Nigerian man gifted some money to a blind man who hawks liquid soap to make ends meet.

Regardless of being a blind person,the blind man still sells soap in the market and that was where he met the owner of GSF.

The Givers Supportive Foundation is an NGO that supports the needy and has now promised to visit the man again with more goodies

The owner of the Givers Supportive Foundation gifted the blind man with the sum of N50k

The Givers Supportive Foundation owner made a post on Instagram narrating how he saw the blind man and was touched that despite being blind, the man is still trying to make some money for himself and his family.

The blind man was really grateful and the GSF owner visited the blind man’s house and his family.

GSF owner wrote;
“Today I saw a hard-working blind man hawking liquid soap with his little boy helping him at Owode Market.
“I was Touched to see a blind man hawking liquid soap to feed himself and his family.
“I told him to take me to his house, to see his family, I saw his wife, and she said her husband has been a hardworking man even with his condition, he still tries all his best to support the family as the head of the house.
“I was able to give him NGN50,000.00 to add up as a support for his business. The man was so happy because such help is coming in an unexpected way for him.”

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