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It’s a Side Hustle: Pretty Nigerian Medical Graduate Becomes Shoemaker, Opens Shop, and Has Workers,

Arihilam Oluchi, a beautiful Nigerian lady who is a graduate of medicine has been praised on social media for taking up shoemaking as a side hustle.

The lady said that she learned the craft during the COVID-19 lockdown
She also added that she now has a store and a lot of apprentices that are learning the handwork under her but she insists that it remains a side hustle for her

The trained medical doctor is being recognized for taking up such an intriguing side hustle
Oluchi who is a native of Imo state in Nigeria learnt shoemaking during the COVID-19 lockdown
when students stayed out of school.
Now Oluchi has a store of her own and also apprentices and staff.

She has however insisted that the craft she learned is just a side hustle. Oluchi, a graduate of Ebonyi State University said she was inducted into the medical profession on May 20.

Oluchi said:
“It was during the lockdown. The lockdown caught me up in Eboyin school. My family’s house is in Lagos. I wasn’t able to get home to Lagos because there were no interstate travels. I was here lonely. I was not able to go to school. I thought it was just something that will just last for a few days. A few days turned into weeks and months.
“I said I can’t waste this. I had to check for handwork that wasn’t popular amongst my gender. This was just one of the ideas that were not regular among females. That way, there will be lesser competition. I paid someone N60k to learn. I have an apprentice now. People come to learn. Students that are waiting to write JAMB, WAEC. The person managing the store for me at the moment is a ‘corper.'”

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