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He Became A Millionaire Using Just One Life Line

The whole world was at attention to watching the win or loss of Nigerian Arome Ufodike on the hot seat. Was he going to get burnt by the intensity of the question or would he rather make cold the hot seat with his answers?

While the audience and viewers were tensed, Ufodike a Nnewi Indegine was relaxed and expressed confidence at its peak through his composure.

The game, “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” has been an age-long educative program that youths find very inviting. But a new record was made after Ufodike answered all 15 questions without a fail.

The Educational game makes provision for three lifelines whenever the questions get too tough. But surprisingly, Ufodike used only one lifeline (which was to call and friend) for the last question. And gratefully his lifeline gave him an accurate answer.

After the question drill, Ufodike became the first and only Nigerian to win the 10 Millionaire Naria award for providing accurate answers to questions asked on the 11th of September 2009.

It’s been about 10 years down the line and Ufodike has shown that he isn’t just good at answering questions but he has a pass mark in financial management. He opened a drink bar business which currently operates on occasions

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