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First Female Cardiologist Emerge From Nigeria

On the ladder to fulfilling her dreams, she met the reality of an unbroken record in West Africa. She’s Dr. Ogadinma Mgbajah. She’s from a family that has a very wealthy value for education. She was well raised and nurtured by her mother after the death of her father in SS2. Her mother gave her all to ensure that she and her siblings are properly educated.

The “I want to be a doctor ” dream, has been on her lips since she was very young. She grew up fulfilling her little girl dreams in a very unique way. Dr. Mgbajah gave an Eagle eye focus to the treatment of the heart because she just wanted a platform where she can help people with heart problems.

Not in competition with anybody, Dr. Mgbajah took the journey to her passion in seven years. According to her, cardiothoracic training has two sessions. Three years for general surgery and the years were focused on cardiothoracic training.

Of course, her presence at the cardiothoracic training caused subtle competition among trainees especially her male colleagues. Her journey to becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon was a path no female African had tread since the history of the training.
However the reactions from people who found it strange, Dr. Mgbajah had some angels in a form called lecturers supported her dreams. She gave some accolades to Mr. Bode Falase and Dr. Michael Sanusi. She said those men are unusual men. They did their all to ensure she was a well-trained surgeon.

There wasn’t so much rose attached to Dr. Mgbajah’s professional life. Most times she worked for seven days at a stretch without going home.
Quite strange but true, Dr. Mgbajah has a fear for blood and that contributed to the reason why she specialized in the heart. They try to keep the blood in the heart vessel and cardiologists have high respect for blood.

Due to the intensive nature of her work, and the very minimal time for fun, she creates fun in the job. She loves songs and most time plays a song on the head while performing surgery.

In spite of the rigorous training, Dr. Mgbajah had the best of husbands. He was supportive and understanding. Most times he spends about eight hours waiting to pick her from work. Together they have three sons.

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