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Zannah Mustapha – A Man for The Needy

Zannah Mustapha is a 53-year-old Nigerian, a lawyer who is ready to give his all to save the future of the needy especially the IDPs ( Internally Displaced Persons)

Born out of passion and zeal to make right the wrong of children who lost their parents to Boko Haram attack, was the establishment of Future Prowess Islamic Foundation School in 2007 at Borno, for age 3 – 8

The school was single-handedly funded by him initially, but later on he sorts for donations from the public. The beginning was quite an humble one,as he started in his house with just one teacher and 36 students, until later he was able to secure a place for the school. Today Future Prowess School has produced graduates in their numbers.

With unity in mind, Zannah made conflict resolution, a necessity to their curriculum. He said, in Future Prowess School, kids learn about accommodating others — even if they come from different backgrounds.

Women who lost their husbands due to insurgency attack was not left unnoticed by Zannah. They were invited to join cooperative where they were given free psychotherapy and training programs to help them get back on their feet and taught how to make products such as soaps, shoes, jewellery, clothes and food to be sold at the local market.

In spite of his long list of kindness, Zannah refused to put a full stop to it. Teenagers who weren’t privileged to go to school were not abandoned to the streets.

He made provision for them to acquire a skill and contributed one-third of his family land for farming.

In the midst of black, white is spontaneous. The good deeds of Zannah caught the attention of the U.N. And in 2017, he was honoured in Geneva with the U.N. Refugee Agency’s Nansen Refugee Award in recognition of the school he founded — which now enrols 540 needy children

Instead of becoming fat by U.N ‘s $150,000 award, he decided to reinvest in the lives of children.

He encouraged those donating to the Future Prowess school to enrol their children there just as he has done.

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