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Young Nigerians making waves as Successful Farmers.

The term hustle is no longer new to Nigerians, as both men and women has rolled up their sleeves in other to seal legit deals on farmland.

Here’s Suberu Bose Ruth. A Nigerian graduate from LASU who studied History and International Relations. She has been tilling the soil since 2015. Her passionate effort she puts into farming has been able meet her bills without fail.
She specialises in tomatoes, pepper, cucumber and maize farming, all in commercial quantities.

On the other hand is a graduate whose specialty is cucumber farming. He has farmed over the years with an average of six bags cucumber as returns of his labour at the end of a farming year. He is Ekpono Chijioke Ugbala. He’s keen on motivating Nigerians into the agricultural sector, especially if unemployed.

A big credit goes to William Eke who farms cucumber to a success. As at June 10th, William Eke had an harvest of over 9 bags of cucumber for commercial purpose.

Segun Adegoke is a millionaire agricultural guru, who was taught the rudiments of farming at age 10 by his grandmother. He’s the CEO of Baay Farms. With the prosperity Segun has gotten through farming, he urged Nigerian youth to join the agricultural field as there are numerous benefits to obtain.

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