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World Brightest Child Emerge From Nigeria

According to the John Hopkins School and College Ability Test (SCAT), Fareedah Oyolola has been declared the world’s brightest student for her exceptional performance on the Multiple-choice Aptitude test.

The John Hopkins Center for talented Youth is an initiative of John Hopkins University established with the sole aim of nurturing extraordinary young minds.

It was a test only for the smart as the verbal and quantitative reasoning of Fareedah Oyolola and other applicants from across the world was put to test. Fareedah Oyolola said, “…..I had to answer 100 questions within 44 minutes.”

Fareedah Oyolola finished strong with 92nd percentile in verbal reasoning and 87th percent in quantitative reasoning.

Her principal, Magdalena Okrikri was elated and honored to have a pupil from Greensprings Secondary School, Anthony Campus win such a trailblazing award. She said, “This honor brings great joy to my heart. Fareedah’s achievement is a testament that our ‘Thinking School Programme’ is rewarding to our students, helping them to develop mentally and strengthening their cognitive abilities,”

Fareedah Oyolola expressed her gratitude to her teachers of whom she said her success would not have been a reality without them.

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