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There is a reward for being Good! (A Tricyclist Stories)

We hardly hear about the good every Nigerian has done, but what we normally hear is the Bad. It warms my heart when I read about good deeds by Wonderful Nigerians. This brings me to the story that was shared on Twitter by Isah Miqdad with Handle @miqdad_th14 about a Tricycle Driver called Abubakar, who returned their Laptop and wallet that they forgot in his Tricycle.

The intriguing part is that the driver did not have a Phone, but still found a way to track them down with his fuel, time and energy in the heavy rainfall of the city of Jos.  Abubakar did all these without the thought of reward or the thought of making money from selling what he found.

After he found the owners of the laptop and wallet that he carried in his tricycle, He was welcomed and celebrated for the brave good deed he did. He was also rewarded with a brand new phone and some cash. Abubakar is a Good Nigerian and deserves to be Celebrated for this Act.

I encourage us all to celebrate, speak about any Nigerian who perform any act of goodness in the Country, Let’s talk more about the Good rather than make trend bad news.

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