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The Laudable Success of a Pained Orphan

Still trying to recover from the agony of her mother’s death, Akin-Ibisiagba Kinfesioluwa Desire, lost her father during the first semester days of her first year at Covenant University.

Silent tears, family drama, and depression were all visible symptoms of her painful heart. The possibility of her survival during that trying times was questioned by all and sundry.

Amidst her pain, Akin-Ibisiagba Kinfesioluwa Desire confirmed that she audibly heard God say to her, He will see her through, she has a Father in Him and she will never be alone.

With courage and confidence in God, Akin-Ibisiagba Kinfesioluwa Desire gave her all into her studies and triumphantly came out as a first-class graduate with a CGPA of 4.92 in civil engineering.

She was awarded by Covenant University as the best graduating student in civil engineering.

She said, “This is more than an achievement to me but a reminder of God’s faithfulness to me and his intentionality towards me. Even before I prayed, God always made provision. God is good to me”

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