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STATEMENT PROOF: Police is Our Friend

In a degrading world like ours, there are still a few good people. In a world filled with atrocities where it is difficult to clearly distinguish people who have purely good intentions from people who want fame, some persons still tend to stand out as a part of the few good men.

This was Mrs. Celestina Kalu, the Divisional Police Officer of Ogudu Police Station, Lagos who proved beyond doubt the popular slogan “Police is our Friend” to be true and promoted the image of Nigeria Police Force far beyond mere media advertisement.

This was confirmed on the 19th of September, 2019, a young man by name Ajabor Friday was reported to have been shot at a close range by supposed gunned community hoodlums. The young man was said to have been relaxing with his friends at a park in Ogudu where they were attacked. Probably a defensive attack occurred and he was shot by one of the hoodlums and left half dead. Meanwhile, a van of policemen led by Mrs. Kalu arrived at the scene to rescue the situation. Friday was rushed to a nearby hospital, got a first aid treatment and was rejected for lack of bed space. This happened in two other hospitals until the Officer intervened threatening to let hell loose before the young man was taken into one hospital.

As usual, treatment didn’t start until some money was deposited which Officer Kalu volunteered to precede the treatment. The young man was later admitted to the Intensive Care Unit(ICU) of the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital where he underwent several operations. Glory to God, Friday is out of ICU and currently stabilized. We hope for a quick recovery for him.

While you may wonder what drove Officer Celestina to do such good deed, she said “when he looked up at her while bleeding, he held her hands and said Mama, please don’t leave me, I don’t want to die” She said she knew posterity will judge her if she didn’t do the best within her capacity to save his life.

It was later gathered that Officer Celestina went beyond sponsoring the bills to donate her blood. This is indeed service to humanity beyond loyalty to her profession.

Today, we speak about and celebrate Officer Celestina Kalu who has refreshed our minds and given us a renewed hope that the Nigeria Police Force can still deliver amidst several disheartening stories said of them.

We hope that other Nigerians can out of goodwill learn from and embrace this selfless act. We pray that God sends her helpers when she most needs them. Also, to other Nigerians who are still in the business of doing good, Keep up the good work.

Remember, the evil that men do lives after them while the good that men do goes before them.

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