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Smart Student of UNIBEN Builds Car As His Final Project, Pictures Goes Viral

A very smart and creative young Nigerian man identified as Eghosa Igbinosa constructed a light truck as his final year project.
Igbinosa, a student of the University of Benin posed with the truck which is 80% locally made.
He said he spent the sum of N1.2 million to be able to achieve the feat even as he said he is building another car

Eghosa Igbinosa said that he decided to start the project because there’s a huge lack of trucks in Nigeria

In an interview, Igbonosa complained about the financial challenges he faced but he was able to overcome them

His words:
“The major ones were finance and inadequate equipment to fabricate the parts, but we achieved this using basic workshop tools.”
Igbinosa said in the interview that 80 percent of the truck parts were locally sourced.

He said:
“If Ajaokuta and Alaja steel were functional it would have been an added advantage and of great help in producing the parts of the vehicle because 80 percent of the components were locally designed and produced/fabricated using local materials and technologies, while 20 percent were sourced from existing automobile and modified parts like bearings and engine axle.

“The locally produced parts include the wheel assembly unit of the suspension system like hubs and spindle. The upright and lower arms were all locally manufactured using local materials.”

He summoned the government to partner with him to further develop the vehicle.

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