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Slum2school Foundation- Education, A Must For Every Nigerian Child

United Nations Children’s Fund records 10.5 million children to be out-of-school. BBC takes a documentary of the dirty side of our beautiful Nation; Nigeria. Otto pays a visit to BBC’S documented location and was stunned at the dirty reality of life children lived at Makoko in Lagos. (BBC’S documented location)

The action was what was needed. The passionate Otto provided the action needed.

Otto Orondaam is a 30- year social entrepreneur, who zipped up his medical certificate and gave up his juicy bank job to his follow his passion.
“I always had this dream of making the world better than I met it,” says Otto.

His passion birthed the slum2school foundation in 2012. A foundation where vulnerable children are groomed to be verified in a society where violation is the order of the day.

Our Mothers of tomorrow- the girl child of today, who was found on the street looking for means of survival, have now found their way to school within in one month of the establishment of slum2school foundation.

Today over 72,450 children have been reached. Scholarships, health support have been provided to 43 communities.

Slum2school have received over 15 national awards for service to the Nation.

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