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Senior Pastors Of Dunamis Gives Out Welfare Packages

Our religious leaders are also part of the building of a good Nigeria. If giving as preached as Dr. Paul Enenche is living, then Dr. Paul Enenche and Dr. Becky Enenche are actually living.

Dr. Paul Enenche and Dr. Becky are the senior Pastors of Dunamis International Gospel Centre with their headquarters situated at Abuja (Glory Dome)

The Pastor is known for raw rugged preaching with fear or favour of no man.  He is known to be a man who says it as it is.

This time Dr. Paul Enenche and his wife Dr. Becky are not just preaching but they have shown the world that what is preached can be practicalized

In December 2019, after an Apostolic Invasion at Makurdi Benue state, Dr. Becky Enenche, presented bags of rice, tomatoes, bags of salt, noodles groundnut oil and lots of items to aid citizens of Benue to have a splendid Christmas.

With smiles on her face, she single-handedly handed over the welfare package to women.

This act of giving has been a norm in Dunamis International Gospel  Centre. On her birthday October 23, 2019, Dr. Becky Enenche and her husband alongside two of her children spent the birthday empowering women with lots of materials to start-up businesses, among the materials were grinding machine, oven, sewing machine, industrial oven and lots more.

She told the women that those items were given to them not only for subsistence use but also serve as a means of employment to others.

He said he was shown a revelation while traveling in an aircraft, of a woman crying and saying there is no money to pay her children School fees.

Immediately as he got back to Nigeria, The Destiny Women sprang up.

Destiny Women are women who lost their husbands.

The generous couple as having widows  (Destiny Women) in their numbers who are presently on their payroll. Orphans are not also left behind,  a lot of orphans have been catered for and is still been cater for, by Dr. Paul and Dr. Becky Enenche.

As part of the good deeds of Dr. Paul Enenche and his wife, a place is set up at the Glory Dome in Abuja, where people that don’t have food to eat after Sunday service go to and eat before going home.

On Christmas day in 2019, provision was also made for those that honestly did not have what to eat on Christmas day.

These Pastors have shown that Christianity is not just about talking but practicality

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