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President Buhari Awards a Japan Based Nigerian for Rare Display of Integrity

While some Nigerians are busy soiling our names into the mud, a man identified as Ikenne Nweke has shown that there are still men of integrity in Nigerian. There is a general belief that money kept close to a black man is risky because blacks are quick to change the owners. Ikenne Nweke has proved the above assumption wrong, by returning a missing wallet containing valuables.

Ikenna is a PhD student from the University of Tsukuba

”On the 19th of June, 2020, as I was coming home at about 7 pm, I wanted to buy kebab for my wife, when I approached the shop in the centre I saw a purse and I picked it up. When I opened it, it contained [a] huge sum of money, queen’s cards and other valuables. I was sure that the owner was looking for the money, I was sure the owner was heartbroken then I took the money to the police station.

On getting to the police station, the police officer asked why I did not take the money, I told him that I was raised by a decent family and that my faith as a Christian forbade me from taking anything. Then I handed over everything to him and he took my information and everything about me and then told me about my rights as somebody who has found something that was missing.

He told me that I was entitled to 10 per cent of the money and that if the owner of the money does not come to pick the money after three months, that the whole money will be mine.
Both offers were rejected by me. I rejected those officers because I am a Christian, I rejected those officers because I was raised by a very decent family. I rejected those offers because I’m a Nigerian” Ikenna reports.

He got a letter of commendation from President Mohammed Buhari given to him for an exemplary behaviour of returning the wallet containing such valuables.

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