Praise Ohanwe, a graduate of the Imo State University (IMSU) has shared how his Courtesy Landed him a Managerial Job with no Interview - Good Nigeria : Good Nigeria News!


Praise Ohanwe, a graduate of the Imo State University (IMSU) has shared how his Courtesy Landed him a Managerial Job with no Interview

Praise ohanwe narrated his story on LinkedIn about how, he was searching for a job in 2019, during the course of looking for a job, he met with a man that was looking unkempt.

And then the man asked Praise to help him in carrying his bag and Praise helped the man and that single act got him a job without an interview

He said;
“I recently came upon a post by Brigette Hyacinth where she was encouraging jobseekers to keep pushing. This reminded me of a profound experience I once had on my job-seeking journey, and I thought to share.

“The year was 2019 and I desperately needed a job. ​

“After submitting many applications, I was called for an #interview. However, on the day of my interview, I was a bit late. ​

“As soon as I arrived at the firm, my first test for the day began. ​​

“As I made my way across the parking lot, my attention was drawn to this man who was also shuffling to the doors.

“He didn’t look impressive in his baggy trousers, brown shirt, and black sandals.

“I greeted him as I walked past and after responding, he asked me to hold his bag since we were moving in the same direction. ​

“Already running late for my interview, I had a good mind to brush him off.

“On second thought, I went out of my way to carry his bag and help him across the parking lot. ​

“We parted ways when he entered from a different door.

“When I got into the reception, my heart fell because more than 25 people were waiting to be interviewed.

“About 1½ hours later, I was called in. As I shut the door behind me, the Manager introduced herself and another man as the Chairman.

“Imagine the shock on my face when I recognized the same man I had helped across the parking lot.

“Turns out he was the owner of the firm and the entire property.

“After looking at me for a while, he congratulated me and offered me a spot as part of the Managerial staff.

“What should have been an interview was automatically translated into a free mentorship session, as he spoke to me from the depths of his heart.

“I worked with them over the next few months during which I realized that the man is wealthy/influential, with properties and investments scattered across Nigeria and South Africa.

“Now, the million-dollar question is, “what if I had snubbed him in the parking lot that afternoon?”​
“Today, I want to bring one thing to your remembrance. ​

“This Christmas (and subsequently), please train yourself to be courteous. ​

“I know you don’t take rubbish, but if you don’t reassess how you interact with people…​Oh well, best wishes! ​

“God may release the answers to your prayers through people this season. Some of them may not look impressive and worthy of honor. ​

“But for the sake of wisdom, please activate your brain-to-mouth filter.”

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