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OAU First-Class Graduate Offered Automatic Msc. Admission to Oxford University

Life happens yet people can move through challenges and still come out unaffected. Levi Chekwube Chiefuna is one of the few Nigerian.

Levi is a young Nigerian who came from a humble background. Despite the circumstances glaring him in the face, every single day, he was very much determined to wave it and focus.

He got admission into the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University for his first degree. With all the hectic stress of studying and life, he graduated as a first-class student with CGPA of 4.56 in Intellectual Property Law and Criminal Law, making him the best graduating student in his Department. He had the highest scores in Labour Law and Human Rights simultaneously.

He was later offered automatic admission into the University of Oxford on merit to study Law and Finance. Due to his financial incapabilities, he will not be able to sponsor himself but well-meaning Nigerians have voiced out on his behalf to fund his admission.

He currently works as an Associate in a full-service Law firm with offices in Lagos, Abuja and Enugu. He is the Founder of DigitApprised, an online platform for sharing legal knowledge and insights on all aspects of the digital economy and digital technology which obviously is his area of interest.

We are proud to be associated with Levi who is not only making us proud in Nigeria but will also in the diaspora.

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