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Nollywood Star Starts a Giving Challenge

Over the years, Nigerian actors and actresses are seen as people busy shooting, dressing up for awards or posting Snapchat videos, but with Willam Uchemba, it’s a different ball game entirely. Apart from movie shooting which has been a childhood thing him, he also ventured into comedy and more importantly philanthropic acts.

Early this year the young movie star; William Uchemba took to his Facebook page, the “give challenge”

The giving challenge according to him was done to fulfil the mandate of Jesus Christ who fed 5,000 people in scripture days, and instructed that we do greater works than he did. So Jesus fed 5,000 people then we are meant to fed 100,000 people across the 6 geopolitical zone in Nigeria.

He also said many times, he is usually confronted with questions like, why do you post your philanthropic deeds on social media?

He explained that works he doesn’t post on social media is more than 90% of what is seen on social media and 10% of what is seen on media, is simply to encourage others to do so in their different areas. He also said;” If I am able to reach just one person from the works I put out and I encourage 10% of my followers to do the same thing, what  that means is that instead of reaching just one person, if 10% of 2.2million people do the same thing then we are automatically reaching 200,020 people, this is the reason we post this”

He also mentioned that not only food and drinks will be given out because that is not sustainable, but a lot(especially the youth) will be empowered in capacity building and skill acquisition so they can also give back to others.

The beautiful thing about giving is that, while you are thinking of what to give to your neighbour there is no way you will lack what you need for yourself.

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