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Nike Art Gallery

Africa is considered the El Dorado of intoxicatingly beautiful nature and untamed wildness. Explorers and writers about the continent have often written almost exclusively on the natural aesthetics of the continent, describing it with flowery words so sweet you can almost taste them off the pages.

Often, when people tour Africa, it is these things they are focused on. They want to experience the wildness, the waterfalls, the diversity of its flora and fauna. This accommodates the construction of only one narrow narrative. It is seen as the place to go to be closer to nature, to find oneness with the elements. Most times, this is all the reach of this narrative.

More than its physical allure, Africa is a place of history. It has seen the birth of civilizations, witnessed the dawn and night of great empires that left the world with great art and, their people, a colourful heritage to identify with. Its history is entrenched in sweat and grit. It is punctuated by wars, and stories of wars, conquests, mysticism and ancient wisdom. And we know how well tough and unstraight journeys make for great stories. They entertain, but they are also very important in understanding history, to make sense of our past and forge our future with clarity breasted by the gift of retrospection.

Nigeria holds within its borders, a fine amount of everything: nature, beauty, stunning art, landmarks and very rich culture and history. Whether you’re looking to be immersed in the natural aesthetics of this place, are simply trying to get a slice of the Nigerian experience, or looking to better understand and appreciate the country and the stories that have shaped it, here is one of them

Nike Art Gallery

The Nike Art Gallery is a five-storey building located in Lekki, Lagos. It opens at 8 am every day except Sundays when it opens at 1 pm.

You are immersed in art immediately you cross the tattoed black gates into the courtyard where extremely creative and colourful sculptures lay in wait to stiffly compete for space in your heart. The walls of the compound are decorated with many rare marbles. Besides magnificent stone sculptures, the courtyard houses a tie-dye workshop and provides space for hanging craftworks.

Inside the building itself, the walls are completely white and frames of awe-causing artworks occupy nearly every space, somehow still leaving just enough gaps to keep the eyes from tiring. If you’re someone with a passion for the arts or an eye for aesthetics, this art gallery should be at the top of your list.

Here is a video from KhalidTheWakaholic:

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