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Nigeria’s Louisa Esangbedo Tops her Class at CBU Canada

Young Louisa Esangbedo left Lagos, Nigeria at age 17 in search of a higher educational pursuit.

She gained admission into Cape Breton University Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada to study public health. Louisa Esangbedo is flexible, quick to learn, and an active team player who is bold in action with strong leadership skills and a great ability to adapt to new situations experiences. Little wonder she was able to blend really quickly into her new environment even at a young age.

She’s a game-changer. She studied problems and provides solutions. She was good at academics but did great at social activities on campus. She managed server offices while on campus. Among others was an 11-month English second language tutor in 2014, a student mentor for a space of 1 year and 8 months, also under her custody has kept the responsibility of sales at games, taking inventory, and recording products for sale at the canteen. Louisa Esangbedo also held a key position at the International Student center. She coordinated their volunteers, created awareness, and organized events all through a period of 8 months.

At the end of her session in set ’17, Louisa Esangbedo graduated with Distinction in Bachelor of Science in Public Health.

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