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Nigerian Medical Doctor Breaks a 133 Year Record in Russian University

It has never happened before in the history of Siberian Russia. Records give no account of African schooling in Tomsk of Russia, talk less of a Nigeria.

The warmth of their welcome to a young aspiring medical doctor was credible. Especially the grandparents of Russia who are described as the nicest people on earth.

Justin Chukwudi Olewuezi is a graduate of Air Force Comprehensive School in Enugu. He had the intention of studying human anatomy but was not given admission into Nigerian universities. After two attempts with a JAMB score of 247 and 260 respectively, he decided to try foreign schools.

Justin Chukwudi Olewuezi, sort counsel from his mum who understood the value of education and as a civil servant, raised his brother into an urban and regional planner with a Ph.D. and his sister, to a civil engineer with Masters in education.
She advised him to go for medicine and told him not to be afraid. Even though he was scared of the competition in medicine, Justin Chukwudi Olewuezi, went for it.

He secured admission into Siberian State Medical University, Tomsk in Russia, without foreknowledge of their language. He spent some time at Tomsk polytechnic university, where he learned the Russian language and did some science courses in the Russian language before he moved to Siberian state medical university, Tomsk.

Justin Chukwudi Olewuezi made our nation and more importantly his family proud with his mind-blowing CGPA of 5.0 in a 5.0 graduating system. Which had never happened since the inception of the school in 1888.

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