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Nigerian Lawyer Honoured by Queen Elizabeth

Her diligence and outstanding work are what keeps the hallway lights on her. She’s one of the women who did not let her nationality pose as a hindrance to the peak of her career. She’s Funke Abimbola

Funke Abimbola is a graduate from Newcastle University. She’s a lawyer from the family of doctors. Her fear of pains and blood (algophobia and hemophobia) is the reason why she did not study medicine.

Abimbola had quite an interesting work experience. After school, she came back to Nigeria to prepare for Nigeria Bar Exams, While in Nigeria, she worked with F. O. Akinrele & Co. When she got back to the U.K she worked for Wembley Place as a qualified cooperate/commercial lawyer.

She had challenges while sourcing for an entry job in the UK. According to her, “I found it extremely difficult to secure an entry-level position when I finished the QLTT (now QLTS) transfer test and needed to gain experience before qualification. To get my foot in the door, I drew up a list of the top 100 law firms specialising in corporate law and did the same with the top 50 in-house teams. I then proceeded to cold-call the heads of department at all 150 organisations. This led to several interviews, including one with a major, fully listed PLC. At that interview, the head of legal (who is English but whose partner is of Asian descent) asked me if I thought my race had been a factor in me not getting interviews with other organisations. That was, honestly, the first time I had even considered race as being something that could inhibit my progress. Thankfully, I was offered a role by her and was able to qualify as a solicitor in-house.”

Aside from her legal practise she is a renowned public speaker who has impacted thousands across all ages, races, genders and social backgrounds.
In 2015 she spoke to 1,000 state school students as a speaker for Speakers4Schools ( She mentors provide guidance for university student by sharing her work experience. She initiated a summer placement scheme within her team at work, to offer future law students valuable work experience within a global, blue-chip organisation.

Diligence truly keeps one at the Palace. Abimbola is a multiple award winner. In 2017 she was honoured by Queen Elizabeth for influencing and improving workplace diversity (with a focus on improving gender balance, race diversity and social mobility within the legal profession)

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