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Nigerian Invents a Hydro Electric Power Plant from Handpicked Materials

One of the greatest resources of Nigeria among others is human intelligence. Nigerians strive through thick and thin to ensure that the impossible becomes possible.

Another smart thinking Nigerian from Rivers State by the name Augustine Ogar Otuokwa invented a 200watts hydroelectric power plant that can generate electricity.

The 34-year-old inventor was motivated by the issue of the power outage in Nigeria and the issue of global warming which he believes renewable energy will stand as a lasting solution to help out. It took him six months to source for materials and three months for construction. The plant was made from materials such as magnets, coils, iron core, bolts and nuts, nails, cable wires, regulators capacitors, diodes and wood picked on the street to construct the turbine, pulley system, boosting system.

“When the turbine spins so does the electromagnetic field convert this mechanical energy into electric energy,” he said and continue, “the flow rate of the stream water is low because it’s not a dam or waterfall, this is a small stream with low flowing water, Yet I was able to convert it to bring Pressure and fall like a
Dam.” he said.

If Augustine’s invention is modified, it would be able to make use of a bucket of water to charge mobile phones and other accessories.

The ministry of science and technology team of inspection of the presidential standing committee on invention and innovation, Abuja, came to inspect the project in February 2018.

Augustine encouraged aspiring inventors to keep doing what they are capable of and never depend on anyone during your invention until you are done with the invention. He also encouraged them to believe in themselves for everything is possible in life.

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