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Nigerian Helps a Homeless Retired Officer and Gets a House for Him

A young Nigerian lady changed the ill fate of a homeless retired officer who has been sleeping on the streets and roadsides.
She picked him up off the streets and got him an apartment including the basic household goods.
The elated man kept thanking the lady and added that it’s been ages since he slept on a bed.

Julia Nnena is the lady who changed the story of the homeless man by renting a nice apartment for him.

Julia saw the man on the roadside and could not stop thinking about him.
She could not bear the thought of leaving him by the roadside.
She had to go back to him to get him from the roadside and she rented an apartment for him

Even though the apartment she got for him is not fully furnished, it has a bed and the basic necessities it should have

The man was happy and thanked her for the kind gesture she extended to him.
He said that it’s been a long time since he slept on the bed.

Julia stated that the man has been trying to get his gratuity from the government but has not been able to.

“I decided to rent a place for him first because getting his pension will take a long process. They told me when I went to Berekete’s family that he needs an affidavit. I quickly rented a place so that he can get himself and strength to go for his pension,”

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