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Nigerian First-Class Graduate Becomes First African to Qualify for N9.2billion Worth Scholarship to Study in Ireland

Brilliancy is in the bloodline of Nigerians says a conclusion based on many as well as Maniru Ibrahim’s feat.

Maniru Ibrahim is a young man from Sokoto State. He had his primary, secondary, and university education in his state of residence. However, his compulsory one-year service took him to faraway, Zamfara State.

He graduated with a First Class Honours in Mathematics from Usman Dan Fodiyo University, making him eligible to explore awesome options in the course of furthering his education. Based on this, he applies for scholarship opportunities.

Unlike many others, Ibrahim remained dogged, faint yet pursuing. He kept reapplying for as many as he could till he had a breakthrough. He revealed that he had his Master’s program in Theoretical Physics in Italy, based on a scholarship where only three Nigerians were shortlisted.

He employed the same approach to his Ph.D., encountering rejections till the 21st when he finally qualified for a scholarship worth the whooping amount of several billions of naira.

Expressing his feelings, he said, “He is very excited about his win.”

The scholarship said to worth £20,000,000 equivalent to N9,206,407,800 is funded by the Science Foundation Ireland Centre for Research Training in the Foundation of Data Science.

In addition, Ibrahim will be entitled to a yearly allowance of £18,500 equivalent to N8,515,927 throughout the duration of 4years that his study will last. The funding also said to cover travel and accommodation allowances for conferences related to his studies.

Ibrahim also mentioned that the Ph.D. program he was given is the first of its kind and he is the only African to ever get it.

Maniru Ibrahim’s story teaches perseverance, persistence, focus, and tenacity. We are excited to celebrate him.

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