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Nigerian Entrepreneur Resolves Constant Importation Through his Innovations

A proper equation for a healthy economy is more exportation and less importation. On a contrary, Nigeria’s importation exceeds our exportation of goods and services. And this has brought pain to the heart of a young Nigerian identified as Agazue Fidel Obumnaeme.

A final year student of the department of Soil science and technology at Federal University Of Technology(FUTO). In a bid to birth a solution to the mishaps in our foreign trade, Agazue Fidel Obumnaeme ventured into the production of affordable baking or drying ovens, industrial gas cookers, shawarma machines, popcorn machines, and general welding works.

In an interview with a representative of, He said, with the little knowledge he has on gas repairs and oven production, he has been bent on producing welding works without hesitation.

The support and encouragement gotten from his lectures have been a credible oasis to rest on.

Without a shadow of a doubt, He has been left with quite a number of nuts to crack entrepreneurship journeys since childhood.
One of those nuts is the problem of space. After spending so much time and resources in production, due to size, the display of finished products becomes a huge problem and that has hindered production in mass.

Also as an entrepreneur who believes in the quality of products, the availability of standard machines to carry out production became a hard nut to crack.
While speaking with a representative of, he said the first oven he made was totally sponsored by the customer who didn’t get the privilege to see samples because he wasn’t having enough capital. Due to the lack of standard machines that were supposed to give the work a better finishing than what it was, he had to use improvised tools to get a lookalike of what wanted to achieve.
His major challenges all boils down to finances. If funded adequately, his business will be the new redeemer to foreign trade.

In spite of his numerous challenges, He was asked if quitting became an option at a particular time. In reply, he said, “Quitting is not an option for me, because I know I want to achieve something great. Though most times I encounter some difficulties that tend to pull me back, the slogan I learned from secondary school is “work hard, work hard and work harder”, so I encourage myself whenever I remember that.”

He believes in the growth of the business and he’s praying and working tirelessly to see to it.
He also has future plans on training other youths his lucrative skill in order to reduce the rate of unemployment and idleness in the country.

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