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Nigerian Becomes Professor at the United States

Nigerian born Uju Anya took to social media her excitement of becoming an associate professor at the United States. Uju Anya was offered to join the Modern Languages Department at Carnegie Mellon.
The Igbo Professor was formerly an assistant professor of clinical education at the University of Southern California.

Dr Uju Anya the linguist was born by an Igbo father and mother from Trinidad and has lived in the United States since age 10. She’s a polyglot who speaks six languages, a single mother of two brilliant children. Dr Anya is a researcher and has conducted research in applied linguistics, sociolinguistics, and language learning with a particular focus on race, gender, sexual, and social class identities in the language classroom.

She is an award-winning author. For her first published book titled, “Racialized identities in second language learning: Speaking blackness in Brazil”

Dr Anya achievement as an associate professor was an excitement to her. She shared her joy and her plans for moving her kids to Pittsburgh.
She posted,
“I’ve been eager to share some very good news and now finally can. I accepted an offer to join the Modern Languages Department at Carnegie Mellon University as associate professor of second language acquisition starting in July 2021. Kids and I will be moving to Pittsburgh in June.”

After her post, her followers trooped in their numbers to congratulate the newly appointed Professor.

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