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Nigeria to the World: 24year-Old Nigerian Chukwudi Occupies SUG Presidency Seat Of the University Of Plymouth, UK.

Nigerians are fast becoming relevant beyond the walls of their country. They are not only impressive via academics but also thriving in various aspects as well. This is reported of one Chukwudi Kosi Ezenyi who is making waves in the political sector of a UK-based university.

Chukwudi is a 24year-old Nigerian who went for his postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom. He is an indigene of Anambra state from Nnobi at Idemili local government. He has two degrees already and currently studying operations and supply management for his Masters in the University of Plymouth, UK.

Prior to the election of the Student Union Government’s President for this new tenure, he was the Vice President. According to him, being in this seat has afforded him the opportunity to gather enough experience and techniques on how to win his supporters’ heart to himself while opting for a higher post.

Chukwudi mentioned in an interview with media personalities that he had successfully built a good and active campaign team which gave him enough confidence about his win coupled with the previous seat he occupied. Establishing a Know, Like and Trust factor was rather not difficult as he had laid a benchmark for the future already.

Meanwhile, securing the seat was a herculean task, especially with the fact that it has never been occupied by a black man before now. He contested with two other British students of the university. He polled 3412 votes in all while the other two contestants had 925 and 631 votes respectively. Without mincing words, Chukwudi glaringly won with a whooping vote of 1817 against his first runner up.

This earned him the beautiful position of not only being the Student Union Government’s(SUG) President but also the sensational title of the first black SUG president of the university which probably would be putting an end to 28 long years of the white dominating that particular power seat.

In his opening speech, he encouraged other black students to spread their tentacles and reach for the stars. He further encouraged them to maintain a history void of crime and its related activities to harness them several opportunities to add feathers to their caps.

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