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Nigeria Exports: Kano Factory Supplies Luxurious Europe Brands

It is a widely known fact that Kano is the giant of Northern Nigeria. It is one of the most populous states of the country if not the most populous. Kano is the largest commercial hub for the leather industry. The factories in the state are the driving force of the profitable leather industry.

It is discovered that the state is not only contributing to the population sector of the country but also significant to the economic sector of the state and nation through factories located in the state.

Asia Plastics Industry Nigeria Limited(APIN) is one of the factories located in Kano State. APIN is into the full-time making of footwear. It specializes in the production of sandals, slippers and flip flop in various colours and materials. The shoes are usually comfy and mostly suitable for bathing, in-house wear and beachwear.

The factory produces 1.2million pairs of shoes per day. The raw materials for production are gotten within the country. These productions are in turn exported to Europe and other parts of the world. They have also created employment and job opportunities for various Kano residents and Nigerians as a whole.

The billionaire factory is currently making great contributions to the development of the Nigerian economy. The factory is working on spreading it’s tentacles more to other parts of the country to boost mass production.

The factory supplies more than 200million pairs of fancy footwears annually to Europe.

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