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Mountain Top University Graduates Overall Best Student with Perfect CGPA of 5.0/5.0

Benjamin Babalola is 22 years of age and a recent graduate of Mountain Top University, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Mountain Top University is a private university in Makogi Oba, Ogun State, Nigeria, founded in 2015. It was founded by Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, a Pentecostal Christian denomination. The university was founded by Dr D.K. Olukoya, the founder and General Overseer of MFM Ministries worldwide.

Benjamin Babalola graduated with a perfect CGPA of 5.0/5.0. which drew all of our attention. Usually, everyone has goals when about to begin a certain phase of life. Most times, we meet the target, go a little below or beyond it. Either way, whatever we input is what matters most.

Benjamin Babalola has shared a few secrets with how he was able to achieve 5.0. In his words, “It was targeted and backed mainly by hard work. Before I gained admission into Mountain Top University, I had similarly exceptional results at the University of Lagos Foundation Programme. I felt if I could make a perfect score under the JUPEB tensed atmosphere, then nothing would stop me from repeating the feat in my degree programme. The same year I concluded my programme at the University of Lagos, Ayodele Dada Daniel, graduated with a perfect score of 5.0/5.0 in Psychology. He really inspired me and I made up my mind that I must attain the same feat.”

“I will not say it was easy, yet, it was not difficult. It was challenging as it required a lot of dedication, discipline, focus, consistency and sacrifice. So, I had minimal time for fun and sleep and I had to guard against distractions. Paying attention to the smallest details and knowing what each lecturer wanted was important to me.”

“Honestly, I don’t know because if it’s about attending classes regularly, doing assignments well, seeking information beyond the four walls of the classroom and avoiding distractions as much as possible, other first-class students did the same. However, the factor of connecting with God daily concerning my desire must have given me an edge. But in addition to God’s grace, I would also tie that success to dedication, discipline, diligence, focus, consistency and hard work. For example, I never slept a day without studying what I was taught in class. I started studying before tests or examinations were even announced and I ensured I studied all my lecture notes weekly.”

He shared several others and in his parting words, he dropped some cogent points for students to ruminate on. He said, “They must develop the consciousness that there is nothing impossible to achieve and they must resolve to be focused. Students have to aim for more than what seems possible, only then can they achieve the impossible. Determination, diligence, proper time management, humility, the proper study, discipline and prayer are essential ingredients of success generally, academic success inclusive. Meanwhile, I have what I call ‘The Eleven Ancient Wisdom Every student Should Know ’ and these include the fact that early and adequate preparation is key to the door of success; sleep and laziness are intelligent robbers of success and great achievements; success without the right procedure is like a tree without a root; the seed of success in a poorly cultivated mind will not grow; dishonesty is a recipe for academic embarrassment; never blame where you are coming from; rather, focus on where you are heading for. It also includes the fact that you are at serious risk when you blame others for your failure, meaning you should work on yourself; the bigger the vision, the higher the hurdles; distractions on the road to success might land a person in the pit of failure; it is much better to have few quality relationships than poor quantity relationships; when preparation is done in silence, success is louder; and success comes with persistence, work and perseverance. Overall, never neglect to have God as number one in the success journey.”

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