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Mazda Car Re-branded From Generator Waste and other Abandoned Properties

While people were busy screaming on the negative strokes of lockdown, Oladele Ogbeyemi Nigerian Youth Corp Member invested his time into rebranding a Mazda Car.

Ogbeyemi is a sculptor artist, repurpose artist, environmental artist, upcycling artist, junks artist, scrap artist, who loves to make something useful from useless items. The Mazda car was just a perfect tool to unleash his creativity. He said, “My inspiration in creating this art piece is as a result of my passion in converting discarded materials into art”

He spent his six-month allowance for the rebranding of the Mazda car. He made use of scrap metal, plastics, spoilt generator parts, retired tools.
“…refashioning this Mazda 323 brings some sense of fulfilment to my heart”

The successful rebranding of the vehicle got Ogbeyemi commendations from social media users.

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