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John Amanam -The Man Who Sell Human Parts For The Best Reasons Ever

The Akwa Ibom indigen is a graduate of industrial art from the University of Uyo. He was a special effects expert in the movie industry. And presently a talented sculptor who have sculpted human beings and done serval beautiful works of art.

His cousin who lost his limbs in an accident is John’s biggest motivation into building hyper-realistic prosthetics. His desire was to help him, “I was thinking of ways to help him as a sculptor and thought to myself, ‘Since I’ve sculpted human beings, why can’t I mould something that can actually be used on a human body?’”
He got emotional about amputees and wanted to help him gain his confidence back.

Michael Sunday is a client to Immortal Cosmetic Art (John Amanam’s company). He lost three fingers due to an accident a year ago. His beautifully sculptured fingers got him emotional as it fits perfectly into his skin colour and size.

Amanam takes the measurements of his patient and spends time in mixing the paints on the palette, so as to get the exact replica of the initial missing parts. A mismatched toon will make it difficult for his achieving his goal of getting the confidence back of the amputee. Depending on the size and complexity of prosthetic, it takes three weeks to two months to make one.

Amanam hopes to get the confidence back of amputees within and outside the shores of the country by making each piece cheaper. Presently a piece is sold for 40,000.

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