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Jesujoba Leonard Adejumo – Adeleke University’s Best Graduating Law Student

He is fashionable and indomitable. His passion for success is like wildfire. He pays attention to details little wonder he is this successful. This is Jesujoba Leonard Adejumo.

He has been on the lead in his department since 1st year to down to his 5th year.
He was awarded the best graduating student of Law at Adeleke University.
He graduated with a 4.28 C.GPA.

Adejumo is in no doubt a success. See recommendation from Roland Akindele, an astute legal scholar lawyer,
“I have known Jesujoba as a committed person who is naturally cut out for paying attention to details and he works with determination and resourcefulness.
He is intellectually sound. He has a sharp intellect and a great analytical mind. I have no reservations in recommending him to any corporate institution that requires people of merit and value.
In summary, he will surely be an asset to the corporate world”.

Adejumo was the first student to have spoken at an Annual inter-university conference on Youth Leadership in 2018.

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