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Inspiring Story of Omolola Okunlola, Babcock’s 2021 Best Graduating Student

Gone are the days when women are seen as not worthy to be invested upon. Today, in support of Michelle Obama’s line of thought, “when women are educated, their countries become stronger and more prosperous,” Omolola Okunlola has proven the worth of a woman invested in. She is the epitome of dare to dream, dare to work towards it till it becomes a reality.

Miss Omolola Okunlola was a student of Mass Communication, Public Relations, and Advertising option, who graduated with a 4.91 Cumulative Grade Point Average out of 5.0 from Babcock University, Nigeria.

On 27th June, Miss Omolola Okunlola was seen jubilating in the euphoria of the great feat attained by her. She expressed this in a LinkedIn post accompanied by a picture of herself littered with Awards.

She wrote:

On June 27th, I graduated as the overall best student of Babcock University with a CGPA of 4.91. Course: Mass Communication (Public Relations and Advertising). Going into university, I thought that I’d at most come out with second class. I remember calculating my GPA during my first semester at Babcock. I was like whatever happens will happen.

The results came out and I started with a first-class (4.909 to be exact). I was elated but I was also riddled with anxiety. ‘What if I can’t maintain this? This is too high. Everyone is looking at me now. I would smile at everyone saying congrats but deep down I was afraid.

But God is the faithful one, and he proved himself in ways I didn’t think possible. I didn’t think I’d be the overall best but I put in work and it paid off. I’m so grateful for all the wonderful people I met along the way. I am deeply honored to receive this award. “I look forward to greater things ahead”. I’m open to working in digital marketing agencies, publishing houses, PR firms, and other communication agencies.

Reading through her summarized story projects that this feat was not just a result of whatever will be will but one of, though afraid, scared, fearful yet she was pursuing the goal with eyes fixed on the prize.

Just like she asked for, Miss Omolola Okunlola currently works with First News media, a news agency in Nigeria, as a Content Writer.

We are proud to celebrate her alongside this feat. We hope she inspires others to keep an eye on their goal as it is okay to be afraid.

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