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I’m proof physically-challenged persons can succeed – Rivers corper

Gbibari Barididum is a physically-challenged graduate of Rivers State University, who is currently observing the mandatory one-year national youth service.

She studied office information and management, she’s currently serving in Rivers State because of her condition
She is short and has a hunchback.

Gbibaru Barididum said that she has never doubted that she would serve because she has always believed in God and herself.
And when she gained admission into the university, it was not easy for her because her faculty didn’t have a building so she said to herself that if she could go through all that struggle, she will definitely do her NYSC as well

When asked about how she handled discrimination, she said that anytime she made a post on social media, a lot of people do leave nice comments and some make negative comments sometimes the negative comments do get to her but she tries not to dwell too much on it.

She also added that people did help her in school.
During course registration, she got attended to quickly and also at the bank.

When asked what was next for her after NYSC, she said;

“I am really praying that the government will employ people like me. Government should please provide jobs for the physically challenged so that we can be good examples and as a form of encouragement to other physically-challenged persons. Some physically-challenged people are discouraged; they don’t want to go to school because they feel that even people in the same category as them who are graduates are not being employed because of their disability”

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